Our Crew

Our dedicated crew has over 4 decades of experience providing excellent customer service and achieving total customer satisfaction

Chief Executive Officer - Steve Spiteri

Steve holds a bachelor in science, multiple certifications, and has over 16 years experience as a leader within the green industry. His passion for outside the box thinking and a consistently off kilter sense of humor keep the rest of the team on the edge of innovation. He is a self proclaimed moms favorite, avid fly fisherman, woodworking craftsman, and goat wrangler. His favorite pet is: Henry, the mop with eyes (his Labradoodle).



Operations Manager - Michael Addis

Michael has over 16 years experience within the green industry. As the lead plant healthcare specialist, he boasts an MBA from Boise State in addition to arborist, landscape, and applicator certifications. His interests include exploring Idaho, hunting, camping, softball, and spending time with his family. His favorite pet is: Billie Jean (his yellow lab) & goats


Sales Manager- Donny Coleman

As sales manager Donny works with customers to find what they want, create solutions and ensure a smooth sales process. He enjoys hunting, camping, softball, and spending time with his family. His favorite pet is: Chesapeake Retrievers



Logistics Management - Rachel Caudle

Head of scheduling and self-proclaimed people person. Rachel enjoys frisbee golf, boating, hiking, camping and baking with her kids. Rachel is super upbeat and thoroughly enjoys a good laugh (just ask her co-workers). Be prepared to have a pleasant conversation about the health of your landscape with this genuine lady. Her favorite pet is: Parrots- "since they can talk to me"


Route Manager – Josh Nichols

As route manager Josh is in charge of building and completing routes. He works hand-in-hand with customers to ensure a smooth process and that all needs are met. Josh is a people person with a caring & charismatic personality. He enjoys camping with his family, weekend softball tournaments, deer & elk hunting, home improvement projects, and turning wrenches on his old chevy. His favorite pet is: His rescue pit-bull “The sweetest dog in the world.”