Stone and Brick Paved Patios in Meridian, ID

Paved patios provide you the opportunity to turn your yard into a beautiful outdoor living space. With the variety of choices that pavers and stones come in, you can ensure your patio is the primary focal point of your backyard. In Meridian, ID, our team has the expertise necessary to install the perfect pattern for your paved patio. We offer a full array of landscaping and hardscaping services so we can take care of all aspects of your yard, unifying the look.

With the material choices available for paving stones and brick, your design choices are endless. This allows you to add your style to your yard with more than lawn furniture. We take care of every detail, from preparing the ground to applying the paving sand, when our team installs your patio.

Patio Installation Services

Projects like this are best left to the professionals at Aloha Lawn, Tree & Pest to ensure that your patio will last. We experience all four seasons here in Idaho, and you would not want the elements to take its toll and cause damage to poorly laid pavers. From preparing the ground to arrange the design, we take care of all aspects of the installation. Pavers may cost a little more up front. However, a paved patio is easier to maintain, and repairs are minimal. You don’t have the hassle of staining and sanding, only replacing a broken stone every now and again. Trust the professional landscaping and hardscaping experts with Aloha, Lawn, Tree & Pest.

Aloha Lawn, Tree & Pest for Meridian ID

Our team of local professional landscaping and hardscaping experts are eager to install your new paved patio. Call us at 208-995-2443 to learn more about our services for the Meridian, ID, area.