Sprinkler System Repair and Installations in Boise, ID 


A healthy and thick lawn is the best prevention against weeds. Keeping your lawn well-watered and in optimal shape requires a functioning sprinkler system. If your sprinkler system needs repair services or maintenance, it’s time to call the specialists at Aloha Lawn, Tree & Pest in Boise. Our team can repair damages to your sprinkler system, regardless of the type or brand.

Our professionals can install a new sprinkler system for you as well. If the time has come to update your existing system or you don’t have sprinklers, to begin with, look to our team. We can design an optimal layout for any system you decide on, so all parts of your lawn are watered well.  

Repairing Your Sprinklers


Aloha can provide repair work to your existing sprinkler system. We service commercial level systems, farm, and high-yield output systems, irrigation sprinkler systems as well as residential. Whether your system is automatic or manual, above or below ground, our technicians have the expertise necessary to repair or provided seasonal maintenance for your watering system. In Boise, look to us for:

  • Repair broken pipes and fittings

  • Timer replacement and repairs

  • Replacing broken sprinkler heads

  • Diagnose and fix leaks

  • Solenoid repairs

  • Correct irregular drainage

New Sprinkler Installations

Aloha Design & Landscape can install a new sprinkler system in your property whether it’s residential, commercial or farmland. We provide state of the art systems designed to provide the best water output for your needs. We have our own specially designed system as well.

Drip Systems


Our drip irrigation system will deliver water more efficiently, saving you money, time and resources. Drip systems cost less than traditional sprinkler systems to purchase, maintain and install. We use only commercial grade components, so they have a long lifetime requiring fewer repairs. They can be installed on hills and slopes, mitigating excess runoff and allowing difficult areas to be watered easily. It can be installed without disrupting the site, like trench and bed construction does. Drip irrigations use reclaimed water and minimize any health risks by distributing the water to the root-zone of the pant. This achieves a more manageable and balanced watering through a shallow soil profile.

Aloha Design & Landscape


For any of your sprinkler needs in Boise, ID call Aloha. We can repair, service and install sprinkler systems. Call 208-322-9069 with any questions you have

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