Sprinkler System Repairs & Maintenance for Meridian, ID

When you are in need of a sprinkler repair service, call Aloha Lawn, Tree & Pest. Our skilled contractors are ready to repair or repair your broken sprinkler system. Keeping your lawn green and healthy requires a functioning set of sprinklers. A system can cease working for a number of reasons like leaky pipes, blowouts and more. Whatever the cause we will repair any brand or type of broken watering system regardless if we initially installed it. Our landscape contractors also provide full sprinkler maintenance services. Whether it is manual or automatic, above ground or below, we have the expertise required to repair and maintain your watering system.

Watering and fertilizing your lawn promotes growth and keeps your landscape’s appearance up. Along with looking good, thick, healthy grass is the best defense against weeds. For your lawn to be healthy and stay alive through the dry summer months in Idaho, you must have an operational sprinkler system. We service commercial and residential sprinklers as well as farm and high-yield output systems. In Meridian, we can:

  • Diagnose and fix leaks
  • Solenoid repairs
  • Correct irregular drainage
  • Repair broken pipes and fittings
  • Timer replacement and repairs
  • Replacing broken sprinkler heads

Residential & Commercial Sprinkler Repairs

All sprinkler systems require upkeep and maintenance to function correctly. Farmland irrigation systems and those used to water large yards demand a little more time and knowledge. Luckily, Aloha Lawn, Tree & Pest provides maintenance and repair services for these intricate systems too. Our contractors can handle any set of sprinklers regardless of the size or scope. Trust us to offer top-quality residential, commercial and farmland sprinkler repairs and maintenance services.

In the event that your watering system needs replacement, our sprinkler contractors can install a new one for you. Whether your sprinklers are beyond repair or you want to upgrade your system, look to the experts at Aloha Lawn, Tree & Pest. Our specialization in designing layouts that fit the watering needs of your landscape is known throughout Meridian, ID. Our contractors pride themselves on providing optimal coverage while minimizing wasted water. Our expertly engineered and highly-efficient drip irrigation system saves you time, money and natural resources. Drip irrigation technology waters the plant directly to the root-zone. Aloha’s watering system does not disturb the landscape, unlike trench and bed sprinklers. Our system is flexible enough to be installed on hills and slopes. Such strategic placement minimizes excessive runoff, allowing for challenging portions to be watered efficiently.

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When your need sprinkler repairs, or general maintenance, call Aloha Lawn, Tree & Pest. We are the premier landscape and sprinkler servicing company Meridian, ID. To speak to a team member, please call, 208-322-9069.