Tree & Shrub Healthcare Services in Boise, ID

Aloha Lawn, Tree and Pest Inc for all your tree treatment needs.

Aloha Lawn, Tree and Pest Inc. is passionate about tree and shrub treatment in Idaho. With over four decades in this industry we know our business and Boise! Our team of dedicated scientists and certified arborists know how to maintain a healthy yard effectively and properly diagnosis disease and pest related issues in your trees and shrubs and treat it at its core.  


It is our mission to provide exceptional quality landscape and healthcare services for your trees and shrubs ensuring long-term relationships built on trust, ethics and proactive communications.  This allows us to deliver on our promise.  Both full and partial package options are available in Boise, ID.

Healthy Yard, Happy Home Owner

The health and longevity of your landscape is our number one priority. Let us work for you to design the proper maintenance regimen for your trees and shrubs. When fertilization comes up, most people only think about lawn care and overlook their trees and shrubs. Fertilization will help your tress and shrubs with any nutrient deficiencies that commonly occur in the Boise area. A once a year application can take care of most issues and help them reach their full landscape potential.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Let our experts properly care for and maintain your tress and shrubs to keep them in optimal health and ensure a strong and healthy growth cycle. Enjoy peace of mind with our consistent and safe methods for caring for and diagnosing problems with your trees and shrubs. A tree’s life should not be short, and its care should not be neglected, Aloha Lawn, Tree, and Pest Inc. provide many fertilization solutions.

Chlorisis Treatment
Chlorosis treatments provide micro nutrients like iron and manganese and are applied as a direct injection placed and the base of the trunk.
Dormant Oil
Our dormant oil application controls over-wintering insects and help prevent disease infection for trees and shrubs.
Spraying Services
Maintain your trees' health and keep the bugs away with topical seasonal spraying.

Insect Control

With so many different insects and pests that can damage your trees and shrubs an expert is needed to diagnose the situation and devise the best treatment program. Allow our team of certified arborists to customize a solution that reverses the damage and rids your trees and property of the insects. With adequate and appropriate treatment, we also create a barrier for your home against insect invasion. Our treatments are always pest specific.

Borer Treatments
Insects that bore into trees feed on the tree and house within it, decreasing the overall health, stamina, and vigor of the tree. Treatments manage borers such as Bronze Birch, Lilac, Ash, and the Shot-Hole Borer.
Cottony Maple Scale
Cottony Maple Scale (CMS) is a tiny soft-scaled insect that attacks a large variety of woody plants and trees. It feeds on the exterior of the tree decreasing the overall stamina and longevity of the tree.
Pest Control Services
Our treatments protect the home and yard from invasion of insects such as wasps, ants, spiders, earwigs, beetles and more.

Disease Control

Boise, ID enjoys all four seasons Mother Nature has to offer. With that come diseases that can affect your trees year-round. Early detection and treatment is crucial in preventing far reaching and long-term damage to your tree and stopping the spread to the rest of your yard. Although not all tree and shrub diseases are 100% curable the experts with Aloha Lawn, Tree and Pest Inc. can diagnose the problem and create the best treatment program to rid your trees of the blight.

Fungal Treatments
This treatment kills fungal growth on your trees and shrubs such as Powdery Mildew and Apple Scab.
Common Blights
Tree and shrub blights like Fire Blight can go undetected until after the damage is done. Speak with our experts for the best treatment plans.

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