Tree & Shrub Healthcare for Eagle, ID

Tree and Shrub care is easy when you use Aloha Lawn, Tree and Pest in Eagle, ID.

With Aloha, you have a team of certified arborists who are dedicated to the best care of your trees and shrubs. With our program, you will have expert advice, upkeep, and treatments guaranteeing proper health and maintenance of your trees. Whether you have issues with your trees and shrubs that need remedying, or proper trimming and pruning, Aloha Lawn, Tree and Pest can handle the job. At Aloha, we specialize in disease diagnosis and treatments, as well as spraying, fertilization, and pest control for your yard. Both full and partial packages are available, and with over four decades in Eagle, our team understands the importance of standing by our services.  

Healthy Trees, Happy Homeowner

Proper maintenance and care of your landscape is our top priority. We will evaluate your trees, shrubs and yard, diagnosing any issues there are, take care of any treatments that are needed to increase the health of your trees and shrubs, and design a long-term maintenance program to keep your yard in the best condition possible. Neglect of fertilizing trees and shrubs is where most problems stem from. Weak trees and shrubs open them up to disease and pest infestations. The fertilization methods that Aloha Lawn, Tree and Pest uses will first address nutrient deficiencies that your trees and shrubs have, then aid them in recovering their optimal health. A once-a-year application can remedy the deficiencies in nutrition and keep problems from spreading to the rest of your yard.
Chlorosis Treatment
Applied as a direct injection at the base of your shrubs or trees, this treatment provides micronutrients to the affected plant. Chlorosis is a condition in which trees and shrubs do not produce enough chlorophyll.
Dormant Oil
Our dormant oil application will control over-wintering pests and insects when your trees are dormant. Dormant oil can also prevent disease from settling in your fruit trees.
Spraying Services
Topical seasonal sprays maintain your trees health by keeping bugs away.

Pruning and Trimming

Adequate and appropriate trimming and pruning of your trees and large shrubs is key to their growth and maintenance. Our certified arborists know how to trim and prune your trees, when to prune them, and by how much. A tree pruned at the wrong time can spur growth in the wrong season and in the wrong direction. You also run the risk of over pruning and killing your trees and shrubs just as easily. Incorrect trimming of a fruit tree can stunt its growth and affect its fruit yielding capabilities indefinitely, causing it to become barren. An adequately trimmed tree, done correctly and at the right time, can increase fruit yield and appropriate growth in your yard. Leave the work to our educated experts and have Aloha Lawn, Tree and Pest prune and trim your trees and shrubs.

Insect Control

With the variety of insects and pests we have here in Eagle, you run the risk of insect and pest damage to the trees and shrubs in your yard. Our team can diagnosis the bugs that have infiltrated your yard, set up elimination treatments, and boost the health and vitality of your green spaces. Our pest- specific sprays also create a barrier for your house against bug invasions. We handle:
Cottony maple scale
CMS is a tiny soft-scaled insect that attack woody plants and trees. It’s highly evasive and can damage your entire yard within one season.
Borer insect treatments
Bronze, Birch, Lilac, Ash and Shot-Hole Borer are all treatable with our methods.
Pest Control
We protect against wasps, ants, spider, earwigs, beetles and more.

Disease Control

To stop the spread of disease to the rest of your yard and neighborhood, early detection is crucial. Not all tree and shrub diseases are 100% curable. The experts at Aloha Lawn, Tree and Pest can determine the problem and create the best treatment program to rid you of the blight. Call 208-995-2443 today for a full listing of our services, and to set up an appointment for our team to come to your yard.


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