Tree & Shrub Healthcare Services in Meridian, ID

Aloha Lawn, Tree and Pest Inc for all of your tree treatment services.

The health of your green-spaces is our primary concern. Our certified arboreal healthcare team provides a range of options for your trees and shrubs. We specialize in disease diagnosis and healthcare treatments, spraying and fertilization, and pest control. With over four decades of experience in Meridian, ID our team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and delivering on our promise. Whether you have residential or commercial green-spaces, let the experts at Aloha Lawn Tree and Pest Inc take care of your trees and shrubs. Both full and partial packages are available in Meridian.

An Ounce of Prevention

As tree care specialists, maintaining healthy trees and shrubs is our priority. Let us show you how to care for your landscape for years to come. Occasionally, soil deficiencies will not allow a tree to reach its full landscape potential. We have several long term and seasonal treatments available for your trees and shrubs. Just like your lawn, both trees and shrubs need fertilization once a year. Fertilization will help your trees and shrubs with any nutrient deficiencies ensuring a healthy and consistent growth cycle, creating longevity for your landscape. The experts at Aloha Lawn, Tree, and Pest Inc. can help you with preventative measures to keep your trees and shrubs thriving.

Disease Diagnosis and Treatment

With over four decades of providing healthy and livable landscapes we know our business! When the health of your trees or shrubs takes a turn for the worse you want to stop it in its tracks. Our trained arborists will diagnose the problems with any diseased trees or shrubs, work to isolate the disease and prevent the spread and rid your green space of it. Whether it is a one-time treatment, long term care, or removal we will ensure you know the best way to reverse the problem. Whether it’s environmental or pest related we know the cure.

  • Dormant Oil Treatment
  • Insect and Pest Treatment
  • Fertilization
  • Chlorosis Treatment
  • Borer Treatments
  • Fungal Treatments
  • Cottony Maple Scale


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