Professional Paved Patios in Boise, ID

Patio paving stones can transform the look and feel of even the most mundane yard. From a simple arrangement of brick pavers to a complicated a detailed design for your patio, trust the experts with Aloha Lawn, Tree and Pest to get the job done. Our team in Boise, ID, is dedicated to providing the best yard care and hardscaping services around. From mowing your lawn to adding structural elements to your property, our crew has you covered.

Stone and brick pavers are a great option as the groundwork for any patio. They provide stability as well as creativity and a design option that is not available with any other product. Pavers may have a slightly higher price-point to install with the initial cost of materials. However, with low long-term maintenance fees, you save money in the long run. A professionally installed paved patio may need to have a broken paver replaced now and again, but there are no yearly staining or painting requirements that accompany wood patios.

Paver Installations

Aloha Lawn, Tree & Pest offers the best local hardscaping services in the Boise area. Our team has the experience and training necessary to ensure that your patio is installed correctly. There are many steps to laying a flat, level patio using pavers. To have your patio endure through time, have the team with Aloha install it. We have the equipment and knowledge necessary for a properly laid patio using paving stones. Whether you want a simple all over pattern comprised of the same stone throughout, or an elaborate design laid with a variety of pavers in different shapes and colors, we can do it.

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