Outdoor Pest Control in Boise, ID

Relaxing in your Boise yard with your friends and family is something to look forward to until you are overrun with bugs. Insects can quickly become bothersome, ending parties early and driving you inside. If avoiding your yard due to pests is something you are familiar with, it’s time to call Aloha Lawn, Tree & Pest. Our professionals can eliminate the bugs and insects that have infiltrated your yard and provide preventative services so they won’t return. Idaho has its fair share of outdoor pests and insects that are disruptive to your time outside and damage your yard.

Our technicians start with an inspection of your yard and grounds, so they know what bug has taken up residence in your landscape. Once they have identified the types of insects you have and the extent of the problem, our exterminators will advise the best method to eliminate your pest problem. We are your one-stop company for outdoor pest control and extermination. We also provide quarterly pest control packages that keep your yard free from any infestations year-round.

It’s at times like this that you need a pest control expert from Aloha Lawn, Tree & Pest.

Our Insect & Pest Elimination Services

Aloha Lawn, Tree & Pest has over 40 years in the yard care and landscaping industry. Our expertise and history serving the Boise area ensure we remain one of Idaho’s top yard care companies. Our reputation for outdoor pest control and insect extermination is supported by continually delivering unparalleled service. When it comes to insect eradication, we stand behind each service we provide. We guarantee that you, the customer, is completely satisfied. We are locally owned and operated, giving us the upper hand here in Boise. We know the lay of the land and will exterminate the pests that plague your yard.

Make your backyard inviting and a place where everyone wants to gather by extermination outdoor bugs.

  • Spiders Idaho has its fair share of invasive spiders, which are either innocuous or poisonous. Boise has the Black Widow, the Brown Recluse, and the Hobo spider in abundance. The best way to take care of spider nests and infestations is by having an expert exterminate them. If you have noticed an increase in spider activity in your yard, chances are you have an outbreak. As winter approaches remember that Aloha, Lawn, Tree & Pest can handle any spider issue before they become a problem. We have the industry know-how for treating your yard for spiders.
  • Earwigs Commonly found around Boise, earwigs are a natural part of any yard. Earwigs feed on decomposing plants as well as on healthy plants. Colonies can damage foliage and flowers and in no time decimate a vegetable garden. Let Aloha Lawn, Tree & Pest eradicate your earwig issue.
  • Wasps Wasps, after they have colonized on a property present many issues for homeowners. They build their nests in trees and the eaves and sides of homes. Wasps are capable of repeatedly stinging without dying, and that is problematic if anyone in your family has wasp allergies. Minimize the effects of your family being stung, and have Aloha Lawn, Tree and Pest take care of your wasp problem. Wasps must be exterminated, and the nest removed, or they will return and build anew.
  • Ants There are countless varieties of ants, and each has its very own irritating penchant for disturbing your life. Aloha delivers experienced, unobtrusive pest control for each type of ant that lives in Idaho. Our group of professionals operates swiftly to get rid of your ant issue.
    • Carpenter ants Damp, softwood from rotted trees generally entice this type of ant. While they perform a critical part in nature to decompose rotting wood, in your yard they damage trees and shrubs. Although they don't munch on as termites do, carpenter ants dig out galleries for their intricate nests. When you find carpenter ants, it is a good idea to reach out to a specialist as these pests tend to reside in satellite and parent colonies.
    • Pavement Ants These ants make their homes outdoors close to concrete structures and sidewalks. Famous for their small anthills in yards across Idaho, pavement ants frequently head indoors in search of nourishment. Pests frequently enter your pantry and kitchen looking for vegetables, dairy, and meat. Eliminate the issue before they head indoors and let Aloha exterminate them promptly.
    • Odorous House Ants In nature, these creatures farm honeydew from aphids. Inside your residence, they seek out sweetened items in your pantry or on your floors. The odorous house ant, which is also known as the stink ant or coconut ant, gives off a bad odor when killed.
    • Red Imported Fire Ants Identified by their red coloring, the fire ant has moved from South America during the past couple of decades. This type of ant is well-known for its painful sting and persistent bite. Fire ants are happiest in their hills which can become to 2 feet tall. This makes them treacherous for any bare feet or animals in your backyard. Luckily the experts with Aloha Lawn, Tree and Pest is your prime source for full yard care and pest control.
Remember that Aloha Lawn, Tree & Pest is full-service yard care and landscaping company. Not only do we provide top-notch, reliable outdoor pest and insect control, but we also take care of your landscape too. We are a one-source team that keeps your property healthy and looking its best all year long. Our quarterly package plan is an excellent option for year-round servicing.

Outdoor Pest Control

We invite you to call us at 208-995-2443 with any questions. You can also schedule an appointment with our landscape experts. Rely on Aloha Lawn, Tree & Pest for reliable, effective and affordable outdoor pest control in Boise, ID.