Outdoor Pest Problems in Meridian, ID

Relaxing in your yard is something to look forward to no matter if it’s spring summer or fall. When your yard is overrun with pests and bugs, it makes you want to stay indoors. Don’t avoid spending time in your yard because of a pest problem, let Aloha Lawn, Tree and Pest control that for you. Our team provides outdoor pest control and elimination services for the Meridian, ID area.

We provide a full range of lawn care and yard maintenance services, from landscaping to pest control. When bugs and invasive insects take up residence in your yard, trust the team that knows how to keep your plants alive and get rid of the pests. Bugs are a bother; however, they also damage your vegetation. Aloha Lawn, Tree, and Pest perform a full inspection to determine the type of pest or pests you are dealing with. From there we provide an assessment, so you have a clear understanding of your options. Let us ensure that you have a pest free yard no matter the season.

Professional Pest Control

In the Meridian area, there is no better company to handle your outdoor pest infestations. We have over 40 years of landscaping and professional yard care maintenance. With our history in Idaho, you can trust that we know the area better than anyone else and know how to control and eliminate the native bugs and insects that plague your yard. Let Aloha be your one source for all your yard care needs.

Earwigs are natural to Idaho and can be found in your gardens and yards. They are a natural part of all yards, as they feed on decomposing vegetation. However, they can quickly overrun your landscape and move into your home. Have Aloha Lawn, Tree and Pest get this pest under control for you.
Meridian has a fair number of native spiders that are nothing you want to encounter in your yard. We have Black Widows, Brown Recluse Spiders and the Hobo spider. Spiders migrate indoors when the temperatures cool down. Since these species are dangerous, you should avoid this at all costs and have Aloha eliminate them before it cools down.
Wasps are an invasive pest that should be dealt with professionally to eliminate them from returning again and again. Once they colonize an area they tend to revisit it even after their nest is gone. Wasps repeatedly sting with no ailment to themselves, which presents a significant issue for anyone with wasp allergies.
Numerous kinds of ants can be found in Idaho, each of which is bothersome in their own respects. When you have an infestation, get it taken care of quickly and prevent the spread of ants to other areas of your home or from moving into your house.
Carpenter Ants
Carpenter ants break down softwood and rotting trees, and although helpful in nature, they can damage your yard. Prevent them from destroying your trees and shrubs by having our team treat the pest problem where it starts. Carpenter ants don’t have the first nest, they exist with a parent and satellite colony system that takes a professional with the know-how to handle.
Red Fire Ants
This species of ant has a painful bite and they don’t let up. They are native to South America, and over the last few years have begun migrating to the United States. They build rather large hills, around 2 feet high or so, and pose a problem for any yard in Meridian, ID.
Odorous House Ants
Also known as the stink ant, this pest seeks out sweet things and quickly spread through your yard foraging. Let Aloha, Lawn, Tree, and Pest exterminate them from your yard speedily and effectively.
Pavement Ants
These ants create small anthills in your yard. They colonize near cement sidewalks and frequently move indoors. Although typically searching for sustenance inside, they can colonize there as well. Stop this problem before it happens and have Aloha Lawn, Tree and Pest eliminate your Pavement ant problem.

Your Local Meridian Lawncare Team

Aloha Lawn, Tree, and Pest are full-service landscaping and yard maintenance company. We are the best option to keep your property healthy, pest free and looking its best. Our quarterly package plan is an excellent choice for year-round servicing for Meridian, ID. Schedule an appointment or have your questions answered by calling Aloha today at (208)995-2443.